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I’ve made over two dozen tiny loans with Kiva, and not one of them has failed to pay it all back. It sure beats stuffing the cash under a mattress. Make sure you don’t miss Team Fandom.

Luke: Hello, everyone. Luke and Jan Valentine here. Erin’s asked us to talk to you about the new link at the top of the main page.

Jan: It’s a bleeping scam, is what it is!

Giving to charity is for rich bleeps like Integra bleepin’ Hellsing! She oughta spend more time helping people, not shooting them in the bleeping face! (Bleep, that hut!) Who the bleep has money to give to bleeping poor people these days, anyway? We’re all bleep-broke too!

Luke: You get it back.

Jan: …what?

Luke: These are loans. The money gets paid back. And it goes to entrepreneurs who are starting their own businesses…

Jan: What the bleep are you getting at here, bro?

Luke: …so they’ll be able to make their own money from then on, instead of needing yours.

Jan: …oh.

Luke: What we’re trying to say is, take a look at

Jan: Or I will shoot you in the bleeping face.

Act 3 Page 6

Act 3 Page 6 published on No Comments on Act 3 Page 6

Jessica: Leif, baby…I think they finally caught up to us.

Leif: Took ’em long enough, Jessica. Let’s go have a drink.

Alex (thinking): If Hellsing deals with this on its own, great. If not, they’ll drive the freak out here, where I can deal with it.

Walter: Miller can handle cleanup duty. How do you feel?

Integra: Silly-looking. I think I’ll wear pants on the job from now on.

Integra (thinking): Where is everybody? Alexandra ought to be here…

[rustle rustle]

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