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Bringing Nazi Back 5/11

Bringing Nazi Back 5/11 published on 1 Comment on Bringing Nazi Back 5/11

Enrico: Of course, the Nazis didn’t count on Hellsing having the most expert vampire hunters.

Nor had they realized that Hellsing was using a vampire of its own.

Basically what I’m saying is, Hellsing was no better than the Nazis.

Yumiko: Godwin’s Law, Father Maxwell.

Act 3 Page 4

Act 3 Page 4 published on No Comments on Act 3 Page 4

Integra (thinking): These reports are forming an unmistakeable pattern…

Officer: I’m sorry, but this area is closed off. You have to take another route.

Walter: I think not.

From now on, this is under the jurisdiction of Hellsing.

Officer: What’s this? A girl? Is this a joke?

Look, honey, this is not a place for children. There’s a family dead in that house. Now you just let the police handle it, okay?

Integra: This is out of your hands, Chief. Hellsing will take over the case from here. Dispose of the bodies quickly, before they turn into ghouls. Move it!

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