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Make A Card #5

Make A Card #5 published on No Comments on Make A Card #5

More of those forms which Alucard has yet to take, but which he could, if he ever felt like it…

Ish a well known fact that Alucard nevah drinks…wine. (I think.) ‘E will, however, drunc a drink…drink a drank…bite a wino. *hic*

Rather than stay locked in the basement during the ’80s, he opted to spend them sitting on Arthur’s desk.

This ‘card is such a card. (…look it up.)

Actually, according to Hirano, Alucard did take this form in canon. (Arthur approved.)

Okay, now the artist is just getting lazy.

Framing Device 2

Framing Device 2 published on No Comments on Framing Device 2

So she’s running to school and climbing walls, with a fresh gunshot wound, all within days of her father’s murder? This is a bit much, don’t you think?

P.S. I already know what you’re going to say — “Does this mean you don’t want to see the next chapter?” Don’t be silly. Of course I do.

P.P.S. It’s been too long. Let’s do lunch.

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