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What Dreams May Come 21/27

What Dreams May Come 21/27 published on 1 Comment on What Dreams May Come 21/27

This bit of Order 04 is still canon in the Shineverse.

Seras: Wait just a minute. Does this mean…That time you drained that reporter, while I watched…

…I bit myself. I thought it was because I was so hungry, but you’re saying it was also…

Alucard: You were making a little quality time with your hand.

Seras: Eep.

Alucard: Don’t be so flustered! It’s perfectly natural.

Act 2 Page 7

Act 2 Page 7 published on No Comments on Act 2 Page 7

Integra: I feel like a criminal. Hiding out, spying on my own troops…!

Alunacard: Just transform. Quietly.


Alex: What are you doing here? It’s dangerous! You should go home!

Integra (thinking): Alexandra?!

Integra: Dangerous? It’s more dangerous for you than for me. I know what’s going on; you don’t. You saved me this morning, so the least I can do is warn you: get away!

Alex: Nice try, kid, but you wont’ get rid of me that easily.

Alunacard: Integra, we don’t have time to argue.

Alex: Aaaack! Talking eight-eyed dog!

Alunacard: If you won’t go home, come with us. But don’t get in the way.

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