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What Dreams May Come 18/27

What Dreams May Come 18/27 published on 1 Comment on What Dreams May Come 18/27

Alucard: It’s a little late to be wondering about the bats and the bees, police girl. You’re past that now. Unless you’re asking for the sake of somebody else?

Seras: Um…

Alucard: Finally succumbing to his bad-boy charms, are you?

Seras: This is all hypothetical! I swear!

Act 2 Page 4

Act 2 Page 4 published on No Comments on Act 2 Page 4


Alex: Look out!

You have to be more careful, kid!

Integra: [“Kid”?] I will…thanks.

Alex: Don’t mention it.

[walk walk]
[walk walk]

Integra: Are you following me?

Alex: No. I’m going this way too.

Integra: If you’re sure.

Alex: I’m sure.

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