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What Dreams May Come 16/27

What Dreams May Come 16/27 published on 1 Comment on What Dreams May Come 16/27

This guy has been appearing in Seras’ dreams since at least the first strip of 2006, so she knows him pretty well by now.

Baron: It is I, the spirit of your Harkonnen Cannon–

Seras: Yes, yes, I know. You say that every time I dream about you.

Baron: So what’s this I hear about you replacing me?

Seras: Sorry, Mr. Spirit…

…but can we do this later? I really need to talk to my Master.

Act 2 Page 1

Act 2 Page 1 published on No Comments on Act 2 Page 1

Voice: Do you want to live forever? To spend eternity with the one you love? Follow my orders and you will have an eternity of perfection.

Vampire: Yes, sir…to be with Mick forever, I would do anything.

Voice: Excellent.

[the Hellsing house]

Integra: [ZZZZZZ…]

Walter: Integra!

Integra: Walter! ♥

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