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What Dreams May Come 10/27

What Dreams May Come 10/27 published on 1 Comment on What Dreams May Come 10/27

Seras: I don’t remember what happened next. It feels like I’m locked in that moment.

In the nightmares I scream and I scream but it doesn’t make any difference because I’m still trapped and

I can’t change it and I can’t save them and I–

Pip: Seras! Easy, Seras. Stay with me.

Chapter 1 Page 11

Chapter 1 Page 11 published on 1 Comment on Chapter 1 Page 11

Richard: I have waited decades for my brother’s death. That brat will not snatch Hellsing from me! Walter now knows about the death — he will doubtlessly be back here by tomorrow. We can’t plot in his presence.

Bring her to me. Alive if possible. Dead if necessary.

Alunacard: Do you see?

Integra: What’s going on?? Why am I seeing these images in my glasses?! And how did I end up in this weird outfit, anyway?

Alunacard: What you see is really happening. You are wearing the suit of a Sailor Knight.

Integra: I feel silly.

Alunacard: You have more important things to worry about.

Integra: You’re right. Like not getting killed! Questions can wait.

Staff: Integra Hellsing!
Come with…huh? / She’s not here?

That’s right, sir. Gone.

Richard: Well, search the rest of the house! I’m coming up too — now find her!

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