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What Dreams May Come 5/27

What Dreams May Come 5/27 published on 1 Comment on What Dreams May Come 5/27

You now have more than enough information to positively identify Ann. (But if you aren’t in the mood for puzzles, just keep reading.)

Some time later…

Pip: Did you know capitalism could get this bad***? It’s the Great Depression, she’s in a foster home. Maybe eight years old at the time.

She sleeps in the attic, gets used basically as an unpaid servant, isn’t allowed to have friends…but her only reaction is “At least I’m here earning my way…and not livin’ off o’ taxpayers!”

Seras: Hee!

Act 1 Page 04

Act 1 Page 04 published on 1 Comment on Act 1 Page 04

Integra: Oh, no, now I’m really late! Teacher’s gonna kill me…

Integra (narrating): Which is how I missed my first class, lost my bag, and didn’t turn in my homework. And to top it all off, I failed a quiz because I was up all night watching a vampire hunt.

That’s right — vampires. My family’s organization hunts them. Mostly my father, though I’ll take over for him one day. In the meantime, I’m studying the job — and not studying enough for my classes.

Integra: I don’t deserve this!


J.H. Brenner: Hey! Pointy-hair! Watch where you throw things!

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