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Betrayal 6/17

Betrayal 6/17 published on 1 Comment on Betrayal 6/17

A list of I-Jin from the R.O.D continuity. And surely you all know about this guy by now…

Yomiko: Remember to be careful! When I destroyed the library, it wiped out the archive of DNA…

Integra: …but our enemies have stolen samples in the past. The ones used to create I-jin.

The clones of exceptional figures, with powers related to the abilities of the originals…

Like Genjo Sanzo, author of Journey to the West, who gained the powers of his main character.

Or Jean-Henri Fabre, the pioneer entomologist. Controlled insects, and molted when badly hurt, shedding the injured body for a young fresh one.

The I-jin of Mata Hari, exotic dancer and spy…could slip right through walls, and wield EE cleavage unsupported.

And then there was the I-jin of H. G. Wells…but you remember this one.

If the Library has turned on us, they may have given copies of other samples to our enemies. There is no way of knowing which figures they can still make into I-jin…

…or what powers those might have.

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