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Good Books 33/33

Good Books 33/33 published on 1 Comment on Good Books 33/33

Wrapping up the Good Omens crossover with an appearance from the Horsepersons, plus the Death from Sandman. (She’s had brief appearances in Shine before.)

The Four Horsepersons of the Apocalypse meet for lunch.

Famine: Nothing for me, thanks.

Death: Ooh! Do you have milkshakes, with those crazy straws?

Famine: has adapted to the industrialized world by encouraging fad diets.

Famine: So…you’ve all heard the rumors about what’s coming, I suppose?

Pollution: took over from Pestilence after the discovery of penicillin.

Pollution: The apocalypse? Hah! Probably a false alarm, just like the last one.

DEATH: Cuter when the hood and cloak are off.

Death: The last one was real. It just got…interrupted. This one might just go as planned.

War: Beautiful. Just don’t get too close.

War: Oh, I think it will. This time it’s going to go down the old-fashioned way. My way.

…just as soon as he gets through fanboying.

Major: OMG it’s War! I LOVE war! I love holocaust, I love blitzkrieg, I love aggressive war, I love defensive war, I love sieges, I love breakthroughs, I love withdrawing, I love mopping up, I love retreat, I love every aspect of war that takes place on this earth!

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