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Good Books 7/33

Good Books 7/33 published on 1 Comment on Good Books 7/33

And now you know how, even when the full time-travel storyline never happened, Yomiko was still able to engineer the destruction of the time machine.

While the machine exploded in winter of 1997, this Yomiko is from around January 1998. It’s currently around May ’98 in Shine time.

And to everyone who has ever wished the comic would Hurry Up And Get To The Plot, Already: Yomiko’s visit to herself can be found on this timeline, meaning it’s been in the cards for two and a half years now. So you see there is a method to my madness, after all!

Walter: Youv’e been time traveling?

Yomiko: That’s right! Have you met the I-jin H. G. Wells yet?

(1) I woke to find myself, holding a shiny new time machine.

(s) I took it and set off.

(3) Since then, I’ve been hopping from time to time…

(4) …waiting for it to wear out.

(5) Then I take the old one back to the lab where it was made…

(6) …swap it for the new one…

(7) …and take the new one to myself.

(8) Then I’ll go back to sleep!

Walter: I see.

Yomiko: Oh, good! I thought nobody but me would get it!

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