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Heinkel vs. Gender, Part 1

Heinkel vs. Gender, Part 1 published on No Comments on Heinkel vs. Gender, Part 1

This, and the next couple of Sundays, cover a plot thread that I would have included in The Cursed Storyline, if it hadn’t been too freakin’ long as it was. Instead, you get it now, just in time for Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Enrico: Timothy! Get in–

Timothy: Yes, Father Maxwell!

Enrico: –here.

I’m sending Heinkel off to get some human terrorists. I wanted Yumie to go along…but Yumiko’s busy — rescuing homeless kittens, or some other nonsense. So you need to go instead.

Timothy: All right! Just me and Heinkel, off to save believers! It’ll be like a guys’ night out!

Enrico: Uh…sort of.

Timothy: Aha! So Heinkel is a woman!

Enrico: Well, I didn’t say that.

Timothy: Darnit! Another plan to discover Heinkel’s true sex, foiled!

Will Timothy find out the truth about Heinkel? To be continued…

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