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The Cursed Storyline 89/111

The Cursed Storyline 89/111 published on 1 Comment on The Cursed Storyline 89/111

Yoshino: {You just threw fire at her! How did that not stop her?}

Robin: {She has my partner’s Orbo.}

{The formula negates the powers of craft users and witches alike. We use it for defense, but now it’s defending her. All of you need to get out of here.}

Rei: {There must be some way we can help!}

Robin: {Now that you mention it…can I borrow that sword?}

The Cursed Storyline 87/111

The Cursed Storyline 87/111 published on 1 Comment on The Cursed Storyline 87/111

Yumie: {You’re a witch! Witch hunters using witches! Like vampires hunter using vampires! Godless hypocrites, all of you!}

Robin: {I’m not a witch. I’m a craft user.}

Yumie: {What’s the difference?}

Robin: {We don’t kill people!}

Yumie: {Oh, your buddy from STN-J isn’t dead yet. He was a normal human, with a human weapon. But you’re using witchcraft. And the Vatican shall not suffer a witch to live.}

The Cursed Storyline 85/111

The Cursed Storyline 85/111 published on 1 Comment on The Cursed Storyline 85/111

Timothy gives the best explanation he can manage in Japanese, then switches into Italian.

Timothy: You’ve won! Don’t kill them!

Soeur: {Why, Yumiko? How?}

Timothy: {This is not Yumiko.} When she takes off her glasses, another personality takes over. Robin, tell her!

Robin: Is that how this works?

Then it’s time for me to put my glasses on.

The Cursed Storyline – …And We’re Back

The Cursed Storyline – …And We’re Back published on 1 Comment on The Cursed Storyline – …And We’re Back

Erin: I’m back! Sort of. I have my own computer again, but I still have a lot of programs to install, and settings to adjust, and in spite of my backups there are still some files that are lost forever.

I’ve had all kinds of trouble since starting this storyline. The same week the Iscariot agents were sent to Japan, I was diagnosed with mono, which has yet to clear up.

Not long after they arrived, I had my little Thanksgiving adventure — the one where I spent three days without heat.

When the agents of STN-J discovered them, I was dropping a class thanks to the mono.

And the two groups were just getting into their showdown when my hard drive fried! Problem after problem! It’s ridiculous! It’s almost as if this storyline is…


Anthy: Don’t look at me!

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