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Catholics vs. Anglicans

Catholics vs. Anglicans published on 1 Comment on Catholics vs. Anglicans

Enrico: Hey, did you hear the news?

Integra: What news are you talking about?

Enrico: there are now more Catholics in the United Kingdom than there are members of the Church of England!

Integra: Is that all? Yes, I heard. It’s partly due to an influx of immigrants.

And part of it is that the church is changing some of the arbitrary, unfair, and backward policies that caused many people to convert in the first place. The Anglican faith is still a part of English culture, and this does not give you any new authority. It’s only a statistic. It doesn’t mean anything.

Enrico: Well, I just wanted to make sure you knew.

Integra: Mission accomplished. Go away now.


Integra: [SOB] There are more Catholics in the UK than Anglicans!

Walter: There, there, Sir Integra…have some tea…

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