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End of Geneon USA

End of Geneon USA published on No Comments on End of Geneon USA

North American distribution of the series was picked up by FUNimation.

Erin: Last week, Geneon USA announced that it was terminating all DVD sales, distribution, and marketing. This is the company that sells the Hellsing Ultimate OVA in the US. So what does this mean for us fans?

First of all, the OVA will still be produced. The group going under is the American company that sells the US version of the DVDs, not the Japanese company that produces the actual animation. (If you rely on fansubs, you may not even notice a change.)

On top of that, as of now, the dub production team isn’t changing either. That means the voice actors aren’t suddenly going to be replaced mid-series.

For the moment, no new DVDs will be produced. Once the stocks currently in stores are all sold, the series will only be available secondhand. The limited supply means that prices will go up. (In other words, they’ll sell for more on eBay.)

However! Hellsing is a very popular and profitable title. Now that Geneon USA isn’t selling it in the States, some other distribution company is sure to pick it up. Ditto for the other lucrative titles that Geneon sold.

So there’s absolutely no reason to panic! All we have to do is wait for a new company to buy the US Hellsing license. All this means is more delays. And, as Hellsing fans, we’re used to delays, right?

True, there’s no reason to panic. But complaining? That we can do!

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