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Erin’s Adventures in England: Part III

Erin’s Adventures in England: Part III published on 1 Comment on Erin’s Adventures in England: Part III

Here’s the website with the list of churches.

Our touristy map showed three churches in the village of Cheddar. We found four. It turns out that the community website ( lists six.

Cheddar Baptist Church

?? (Not on the map)

Cheddar Methodist Memorial

Most potentially interesting: the Parish Church of St. Andrews. It was open, so we looked inside.

Unfortunately, as you can see, the interior isn’t quite right; and the graveyard, while cool, has a wall around it, not an open field.

It’s on a street between other buildings anyway; we knew from the start that it wasn’t where Seras died. It just would have been cool if the visuals matched.

But the visit was well worth it, after what we found inside…

Next Week: What We Found

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