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Birthday Bash 38/85

Birthday Bash 38/85 published on 1 Comment on Birthday Bash 38/85

The poster is of course from Labyrinth. I asked on the forum what movies people thought Seras would like; The Dark Crystal came up, and I almost went with that, but decided it was a little too fanciful.

For those who haven’t seen Labyrinth (and should see it as soon as possible), it’s the story of a teenage girl, lost and threatened, offered incredible power by a creepy-sexy monster King who doesn’t always obey the laws of gravity.

Pip: So why do you need my help to move things in? You’re stronger than I am.

Seras: You’re taller. Besides, I feel stronger than I have in a long time.

Pip: Why, what changed?

Seras: Umm…

[This is 100% virgin blood.]

Don’t ask.

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