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Birthday Invitation for Yomiko

Birthday Invitation for Yomiko published on 1 Comment on Birthday Invitation for Yomiko

Japan: apartment of Yomiko Readman.

Nenene: {Yomiko-san? I brought dinner.}

{I got your mail, too.}

Yomiko: {Sorry, Nenene-sensei…}

Nenene: {I knew when the new Harry Potter book came out, you’d get caught up in it and forget to eat.}

Yomiko: {‘Ank ‘oo, ‘En’ei.}

Nenene: {I’ll look at your mail.}

{Hey, you got a letter from England!}

Yomiko: {I’ll take it.}

Nenene: {No, let me. My English is getting better.}

You are…{something}…invited…to the…birthday…party of…{It’s a name. I can’t read it.}

Yomiko: Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing! {I’m invited to represent the British Library at her birthday! How fun!}

Nenene: {But, Yomiko-san…}

{…doesn’t a Cunningham novel come out on this day?}

Yomiko: {I guess it’s not polite to spend a whole party reading, is it?}

Nenene: {You’re lucky I know you so well.}

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