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Body Swap Of The Invaders 9/25

Body Swap Of The Invaders 9/25 published on 1 Comment on Body Swap Of The Invaders 9/25

For the record, the chick in the tank is not the chick wrapped in bandages from Hellsing: The Dawn.

Rip!Schrö: Why didn’t you test this machine before this happened, Doc?

Doc!Dandy: I did! And it worked flawlessly!

But this was the first trial with an unconscious subject. That may be what caused the device to backfire. The result was a feedback loop that switched the mines of people in the vicinity.

Rip!Schrö: Why haven’t you switched us back yet? Some other technobabble reason?

Doc!Dandy: Er…we blew a fuse.

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