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Body Swap Of The Invaders 5/25

Body Swap Of The Invaders 5/25 published on 2 Comments on Body Swap Of The Invaders 5/25

The “everyone gets bodies switched” gimmick has a long history, and it’s been suggested to me by a few people. The reason I’m using it now is that it has Plot Relevance, or will eventually.

There were no official colored images of Zorin when this was drawn, so I went by a piece of Japanese fanart I saw once. Pretend she dyes it, or something.

Rip!Schrö: Quit fooling around, Doc, and turn on a light.

Doc: Right. Lights!

Rip!Schrö: Doc, you got some ‘splainin’ to do.

Doc!Dandy: Don’t I know it.

Schrö!Doc: Golly, am I really that short?

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