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Adventures of Shounencard

Adventures of Shounencard published on 2 Comments on Adventures of Shounencard

In the last chapter, our hero was left locked in a deadly duel with his greatest rival, who claims to have a secret weapon that will make him unbeatable…

Alex: I’ll grind you to dust, vampire, and scatter your ashes at a crossroads!

The Adventures of Shounencard

[Battle 1,527]

Shounencard: No…you won’t win. You can’t win! And you’ll never understand why!

You don’t trust in your own skills. You lean on others rather than fightin from your heart. Someone like that can never defeat me! Having power isn’t enough. You have to be able to wield it with a strong heart. Until you can do that, we may have a hundred battles — and we will, because they’re easy to write — but you will never win!

Is Shounencard right? Or will Alex defeat him at last? Stay tuned for just fifty more pages of dramatic posturing before we find out!

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