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Every Leaf In Springtime 29/43

Every Leaf In Springtime 29/43 published on 1 Comment on Every Leaf In Springtime 29/43

On April 10, 1997, Young King Ours magazine published the first chapter of a certain manga by an artist known mainly for his hentai. For the next ten years he would keep drawing, with lots of delays and stalling and begging for assistants – but even as he worked slowly, the idea was caught up by animators and merchandisers and translators and ever-increasing legions of fans, who took it and ran with it. Anything and everything you’ve ever liked about Shine stems back to that day.

Today is Hellsing‘s tenth birthday. Mix up some punch and raise a glass in its honor.

Alucard (thinking): The flowers of Perun? Dear God, Master…

If used properly, they could make you invincible…

Integra: Run!

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