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A Lovely Trick 3/31

A Lovely Trick 3/31 published on No Comments on A Lovely Trick 3/31

Pip: So, what’s on the agenda for today?

Or do I actually get a day off?

Integra: Today’s agenda features a little-known phenomenon called peace and quiet.

Pip: Psh, pastime of those with no lives.

Integra: And a rare pleasure for those of us who actually work.

A Lovely Trick 1/31

A Lovely Trick 1/31 published on 1 Comment on A Lovely Trick 1/31

Most of this storyline comes from an AIM conversation with the same Pip Bernadette who inspired the opening conversation here.

Integra: It’s such a lovely, peaceful morning…


Pip: Yo, boss! What’s up?

Integra: Well, it was.

Doujinshi-Ka’s Inbox: How Will Shine End?

Doujinshi-Ka’s Inbox: How Will Shine End? published on No Comments on Doujinshi-Ka’s Inbox: How Will Shine End?

Erin: I’ve gotten a couple of emails recently asking when/if/how Shine will end. Rest assured that I have plans for the ending. Shine won’t just fall off a cliff and stop. Also, let me assure you that the end isn’t coming around any time soon.

Major: Ahem.

Maybe some of us WANT you to end this thing. Maybe we want you to hurry up and get to the part where we appear. When am I going to get to start my war, huh?!

Doc: And how about me? I have so many lovely experiments that are just waiting for a chance to be tested.

Captain: …..

Schrödinger: You worked me in once already. When am I gonna get another chance? I want more panel time! Pleeeeease?

Zorin: You can’t avoid drawing my tattoos for ever.

Erin: All of you, listen up! This strip is NOT touching the main plot of Hellsing until we know who SHE is! Do I make myself clear?!

I do have a tendency to sit on things. For instance, this next storyline has been waiting six months to be drawn. But it IS finally being drawn. I get around to anything eventually.

Research & Development 20/20

Research & Development 20/20 published on 2 Comments on Research & Development 20/20

Pip: Hey, mignonette…you can’t fall asleep in the bathroom. That would be silly.

Walter: You know where her room is?

Pip: Yeah…

Walter: If I leave her with you, can I trust you to take her there, with no funny business?

Pip: C’mon, don’t you trust me?

Walter: I was your age once. So, no.

Pip: Yeah, but could your girl break you in half in your sleep?

Walter: Actually, “she” could. But I see your point.

Pip: Good man…wait, what?

I distinctly heard quotation marks around that “she”! Is there something you’re not telling me?

[Limited release complete. See you next time!]

Research & Development 19/20

Research & Development 19/20 published on 1 Comment on Research & Development 19/20

Seras is dozing off because it’s past her bedtime, not because that little display was boring.

Pip: How did you…?


You are the most hardcore old guy ever.

Seras: Zzzzzz…

Research & Development 17/20

Research & Development 17/20 published on 1 Comment on Research & Development 17/20

The details of the bathroom took far too long to draw. I like the monogrammed towels, though.

Walter: Do you have something on which I can demonstrate?

Seras: Ooh. Sorry, no.

Walter: No problem. There’s a ham in the fridge for tomorrow’s breakfast; run and fetch it. Bring a pan, too.

Seras: Right.

Walter: Captain, you come this way.

Pip: Never thought this strip would sink to toilet humor.

Research & Development 16/20

Research & Development 16/20 published on 1 Comment on Research & Development 16/20

Walter: So what brings you out here so early? You should be asleep.

Seras: It’s the Captain, sir.

He’s got ideas for new weapons, and some of them are all right, but he thinks the only weapons we have right now are guns. I was hoping you could, you know…

…teach him a lesson.


Walter: Oh, I think I can do that.

Fangirl Karaoke: The Hellsing Hunting Song [Video]

Fangirl Karaoke: The Hellsing Hunting Song [Video] published on 1 Comment on Fangirl Karaoke: The Hellsing Hunting Song [Video]

Today’s very special HellSING! is brought to you by Lars Thorsen, who not only wrote his own parody but went and sang it.

I always will remember,
’twas a year ago November,
I went out to hunt some Freaks
I’d been aching to for weeks.
I went and shot the enemies My Master likes the least:
Two Vampires, seven Nazis, and a Priest.

I was in no mood to trifle,
I took out my trusty Jackal
Sallied forth to stalk my prey,
what a haul I made that day!
I killed them for My Master, and I hoped she’d think it cool:
Two Vampires, seven Nazis, and a Ghoul.

Integral took it hard, she
restricted my control art,
The worst punishment I ever endured.
It turned out there was a reason:
She’d been framed for Treason,
And the Tower of London wasn’t insured.

Seras asks me how to do it,
and I say “There’s nothin’ to it,
You just stand there lookin’ cute
and when something bites, you shoot!”
And there’s ten vanquished foes in the Pit’o’Hell – REAL HOT:
Two Vampires, seven Nazis, and an Ancient Demon God

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