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Those Meddling Kids 8/10

Those Meddling Kids 8/10 published on 1 Comment on Those Meddling Kids 8/10

Velma: We run into cases like this all the time, you see…

Seras: You deal with vampires, too?

Velma: Vampires, werewolves, ghosts…all kinds of spooky hoaxes!

Seras: Wait…hoaxes?

Velma: Exactly! Superstitions about monsters are usually just invented to scare people away.

And that usually happens when there’s a crime somebody’s trying to cover up. What we do is catch and unmask the criminals. When we heard the vampire story here, we decided to help!

Seras: That’s very generous of you, but, well…there are real vampires here.

Velma: They’re never real! Although my friends fall for it every time.

There they are now!

Seras: And there’s a vampire!

Velma: …Bzuh?

Seras: Master, please stop terrorizing the visitors!

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