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Piercing Magnet

Piercing Magnet published on No Comments on Piercing Magnet

Cameos in the portraits: Nehelenia, Endymion, and the Shitennou.

Pip: Mignonette, I’ve been reading the files…

Seras: You can read? Shocking.

Pip: Oh, be nice. Anyway, I was looking at the Valentine Brothers. Were those piercings serious?

Seras: Heh…yeah, those were crazy.

Pip: Then how did you have such a hard time with him?

Seras: What’s that supposed to mean, wiseguy?

Pip: It means that, if you had had me there…

Jan: Up, up! Down, down! Right, left, right…

Pip: …I would have taken care of him in five seconds flat.


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