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Convention Of Fanatic Generation 33/59

Convention Of Fanatic Generation 33/59 published on No Comments on Convention Of Fanatic Generation 33/59

Meimi Haneoka is the gymnast, acrobat, magician, and thief who serves as heroine of the series Saint Tail.

(Note from 2008: The fact that, a year and a half after this storyline, Stephen Colbert actually participated in a dance-off featuring an angry repressed ambitious Catholic and a hot young Asian . . . is just a coincidence. I’m sure.)

Stephen: While they rest up and get rehydrated, let’s sit down with our two prospective Pray Pray Revolution champions. What’s your name?

Enrico: Enrico Maxwell.

Meimi: Meimi Haneoka.

Stephen: Where are you from?

Enrico: Just up the road.

Meimi: Seira and I are from Japan.

Stephen: Tell us a little about yourself.

Enrico: I’m going to win.

Meimi: I’m a gymnast and an acrobat.

Stephen: John Paul II: great Pope, or greatest Pope?

Meimi: Greatest!

Enrico: Dude. Leo I was so much better.

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