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College Sketches 1

College Sketches 1 published on No Comments on College Sketches 1

Pip: Why are we so badly drawn?

Seras: Erin left us a note. Maybe it explains.

Note: “Dear Seras & Pip — Still getting settled @ college. Dailies are under control; please cover Sunday strips for me. Do slapstick or something. Cheers, Erin”

Seras: Slapstick? That’s insulting. We’re smart, cleverp eople. Why doesn’t she trust us to come up with jokes?

Pip: I know! It’s so unfair! I mean, I practically ahve a whole standup routine built around your boobs!

Seras: I changed my mind. Let’s do slapstick.

Pip: But it’s funny! I swear!

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