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Convention Of Fanatic Generation 19/59

Convention Of Fanatic Generation 19/59 published on No Comments on Convention Of Fanatic Generation 19/59

Heinkel’s surprised that Enrico knew Yumie’s schedule; s/he had long forgotten it. Enrico is unaware that his ability to keep track of people is anything special, but he’s not about to pass on an opportunity to brag if he gets it.

Genericon volunteer and former CTYer Diana is the third panelist. If you recognize Seira Mimori, you’ll be less surprised later on.

Heinkel: Did we lose Yumie?

Enrico: No; it’s been five minutes. She’s at her panel.

Heinkel: How do you DO that?

Enrico: I’m just that good. (thinking) Do what?

Panelist: Let’s start by going around and introducing ourselves, okay?

Seira: Sure!

My name is Mimori Seira. My dream is to be a nun and spread God’s love.

Yumie: My name is Takagi Yumie. My dream is to kill anyone who won’t accept God’s love.

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