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Vampiric Strength

Vampiric Strength published on No Comments on Vampiric Strength

A friend of mine gave me this joke in the line for the dealer’s room at Balticon on Sunday, demonstrating once again that you just can’t go wrong with Pip/Seras slapstick.

Pip: Seras! I’ve figured it out!

Seras: Figured what out?

Pip: Why you’re not as strong as Alucard!

It’s not because you’re trying to stay human. Or even because you won’t drink blood. No, you have all your vampiric strength! You’re just already using it.

How else could you lift those two huge weights all the time?

…an’ beat me up. See, ya could be th’ strongest vamp in th’ world if ya didn’ do this all th’ time.

Seras: It’s worth it.

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