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Convention Of Fanatic Generation 8/59

Convention Of Fanatic Generation 8/59 published on No Comments on Convention Of Fanatic Generation 8/59

Molly, who’s done guest relations at AdventureCon, is running the registration desk that Yumiko (not Yumie) shows up at.

Yumiko: Design one, please.

Staffer: Aren’t you sweet! Is there a nun in your family?

Yumiko: Actually, I would like to be a nun myself. I haven’t taken my vows yet, but I got permission to wear this for the con.

Narration: Yumiko and her other personality, Yumie, worked out some kind of time-share agreement for the weekend.

Staffer: You are just too cute. Here’s your bag. Enjoy the con!

Narration: Yumie will be waking up for, say, the panel on the Inquisition. We insisted it be Yumiko who registered.

Imaginary Yumie: I don’t like any of these designs!

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