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Convention Of Fanatic Generation 6/59

Convention Of Fanatic Generation 6/59 published on No Comments on Convention Of Fanatic Generation 6/59

Manning the registration desk is Dumas. He’s volunteered at the registration desk at MomoCon.

Narration: Heinkel just threw some sheets together and is calling it a Mother Teresa costume, which I think is slacking. Besides, she’s not even a saint.

Staffer: Which badge design do you want?

Heinkel: This one.

Staffer: Here. And I just want to say, I love your outfit!

Heinkel: Thanks!

Staffer: And which design would you like, um…

Enrico: Pope Marcellus II! Do you not see the sheepskins?

Staffer: Oh, of course. Pick a badge, Your Holiness.

Definition Corner: After Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s death in 1997, she was beatified by Pope John Paul II. Beatification is not the same as being declared a saint (“canonization”), but it’s a significant step on the way.

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