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Fangirls Are All The Same 14/40

Fangirls Are All The Same 14/40 published on No Comments on Fangirls Are All The Same 14/40

Pip fan: Forward, Pip! Kick Heinkel’s butt! Onward!

Pip: We’ve got to get rid of these.

Walter: They’re just like my wires.

Integra: There must be a way we can make use of this…

Pip: Boss, this one’s riding around on my head.

Integra: Captain, I don’t think that’s a great danger–

Pip (whispering): And it’s giving me mental images of Big Red naked.

Integra: I take it back.

Integra fan 1 (thinking): Sir Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing…she’s real! This is awesome, this is amazing, this is as good as going to London! No one had better mess with her mind (forced pairings and such) or I’ll glare them down right alongside her. I hope my glare is even a tenth as cool, icy and effective as hers. Her tea smells good…to bad I’m to small to drink a cup with her…that would be the perfect moment!

Seras fan 1: I mean, what’s a little peck between friends, right? It was also pretty cute when she was snogging with Pip, but good God, she’s so cool, and I can totally

Walter fan 1: Sir, I am honored to meet you! I realize you have likely heard it before, Walter, but I think you are the most excellent person ever. Your skills are excellent, your personality, the same… I’m so very honored to meet you!

Walter fan 2: I could go on & on about you, but I’d just end up embarrassing myself more… so I’ll just sit here & observe you in action!

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