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Fangirls Are All The Same 9/40

Fangirls Are All The Same 9/40 published on No Comments on Fangirls Are All The Same 9/40

Ahab and Zach the Seras fanboys pounce in the first panel; Spike the Pip fanboy and Shredder the Pip fangirl have hit by the second.


Seras (thinking): Well, this isn’t too bad. I’m feeling some affection for Pip, but that happens with Fangirls.

And it looks like he’s feeling the same…

…Wait. That’s not me he’s looking at…

Seras fan 1: AHHHHHH, MY SERAS! Oh, how many ways I do adore you!

Seras fan 2: Ohmgah, Seras totally needs to flip out and kill something now, cuz she’s totally hot when she does that, ‘course, she’s also totally hot when she

Pip fan 2: How could anyone NOT like Pip? His charming wit!

Pip fan 2: PIP! Pip’s da man! Who da man?! PIP DA MAN!

Integra fan (offscreen): eeeee Integra is soo awesome she’s got the softest hair on the entire world and she can keep all the other people in check

Integra fan 2: I like Integral because she’s strong-willed,

Integra fan 3: Wow. Can we say no fear! Integra is the best character. She owns everybody (some more literally than others)

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