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Fangirls Are All The Same 2/40

Fangirls Are All The Same 2/40 published on No Comments on Fangirls Are All The Same 2/40

Abbi (or Churri) the Walter fangirl gets this party started!

Integra: Agent Paper, I apologize for having you called. We overestimated the danger.

Yomiko: Not a problem, sir.

Integra: Come in. I’ll have Walter make us some tea.

Walter: While I appreciate your devotion…

…I have a floor to sweep.


Fangirl: Walter is Awesome. Period. Sure, there’s the Dental Floss of Doom, but that’s not all. Walter can do pretty much anything. Need emotional support? He’s there. Need someone to help run Hellsing? He’s there. Need a pot of tea? He’s there, and ready with a tray of cookies, to boot. Heck, he can probably make Julienne fries, too.

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