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And Shine Heaven Now: Full Restored & Integrated Timeline!

And Shine Heaven Now: Full Restored & Integrated Timeline! published on No Comments on And Shine Heaven Now: Full Restored & Integrated Timeline!

Cameos: Princess Serenity and Luna; Adam Young.

Strict Hellsing canon is in brown. The rest is a combination of history, crossovers, and previous events of Shine. You’ll notice that some of them have been rearranged; all in all, though, the events were generally the same.

We now return you to your normal state of comic-strip time-suspension.

Billions of years ago: Universe created. Stars born in Galaxy Cauldron.

Millennia ago: Interplanetary human Golden Age.

o A.D.: Jesus does his thing.

Jesus: Ow.

1517: Martin Luther does his thing.

Luther: The Church sucks!

1892: Emma & William Jones marry. Hakim plays third wheel.

Hakim: It’s okay — I have four of ’em!

1897: Dracula!

Van Helsing: You have nothing left, Count.

1942: World War. Hellsing helps.

Girlycard: Coffin, attack!

1987: Integral takes control.

Young Integra: I’m the boss. Now get me weapons.

1990: The Apocalypse doesn’t happen.

Adam Young: *shrug*

1994: Yomiko Readman saves world from I-jin.

Yomiko: I just wanted my book back.

1997 (spring): Seras joins Hellsing.

Seras: I’m dead, and it gets worse?

Still ’97 (spring): Attacks culminate in assault on Hellsing house.

Helena: Trap.
Seras: Eep!

1997 (summer): Attempts to get Integra to relax; a party, a cruise.

Integra: This is NOT stress relief.

’97 (summer): Wild Geese hired.

’97 (late summer): Reseda.

Reseda: Meow.

’97 (fall): Pip takes Seras on a date, or tries to.

Pip: C’mon, baby…

Madeline: Je suis la awesome.

’97 (winter): Agent Paper called to aid Hellsing.

Yomiko: But they didn’t need me.

’97 (Christmas): Grinchiness is overcome; pfeffernüsse is bought.

Rip: Yes, we’re still here.

Early 1998: Timeline-repair loop opens.

Yomiko: Here’s how to fix it.

Yomiko #2: OK.


1999: Apocalypse almost happens, again.

Major: War!

Others: Revolution! / Dragons of Heaven!

2012: Apocalypse happens.

One thousand years hence: World comes back.

Neo-Queen Serenity: I happen to like this place.

12,090: Vampire Hunter D.

D (thinking): Angst

AFTER THAT: Who knows? It’s really the stuff between 1998 and ’99 that interests us.

And that’s just from the first three years.

Happy birthday, Shine!

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