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The Invisible Timeline 120/120

The Invisible Timeline 120/120 published on No Comments on The Invisible Timeline 120/120

It should be noted that, while I use the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen design for Mina Harker, Shine does not take place in the Leagueverse. (There would be continuity issues.)

The idea of Setsuna’s shop here owes a debt to Tim Nolan’s Awakening, which I read years and years ago, and which Jaime B tracked down within five hours of me asking if anyone could find it (based only on my vague memories of the events, no less). Because Shine has the most awesome readers ever.

December 13, 1898

Mina: I want to thank you, Professor, for everything.

Van Helsing: There is no need.

My family has gained something very useful from these events.

Mina: Still, you should have a more cheerful heirloom than him. What do you think of this watch?

Van Helsing: It can’t be right. Look at the date.

Mina: Good. It’ll be cheaper. We can wind it later. Excuse me, miss — we’d like to purchase this.

Setsuna (thinking): I love it when things work out.

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