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The Invisible Timeline 118/120

The Invisible Timeline 118/120 published on No Comments on The Invisible Timeline 118/120

To summarize: none of this ever happened.

Hellsing doesn’t know about Yumie. Integra doesn’t know about Girlycard. Nenene doesn’t know she has a chance with Yomiko, and none of them know about the WSOGMM – or even that time travel actually works.

But, most importantly, Hakim Atawari was not killed, so his granddaughter Integral is back to normal.

There are some residual effects — you’ll notice that people look different — and there’s one temporal snag remaining, but it’s easy to resolve.

Want to see the whole repaired timeline? Read the Executive Summaries.

Now all I need is a punch line…

Q. Why is a vampire a good person to take to dinner?

A. Because he eats necks to nothing.

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