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Doujinshi-Ka’s Inbox: Future Collaboration

Doujinshi-Ka’s Inbox: Future Collaboration published on No Comments on Doujinshi-Ka’s Inbox: Future Collaboration

Erin: This almost wraps it up for the Hellsing/R.O.D/Emma crossover. Yomiko and Nenene are going to stay around for the fangirl storyline, as you know from the application; but the action storyline is ending, and with it the end of Professor Xuanwu’s help in the writing of And Shine Heaven Now…

Xuanwu: Hey, Erin, I just had a few more ideas, if you want to work them in.

Erin: I have to start the fangirl storyline on time, and…these are all brilliant.

Xuanwu: Well, I’ve been thinking about these a little. This one’s an idea in progress.

I can come up with a very plausible way for just about the whole main cast of Sailor Moon to be in England. You can probably tell that I’ve thought a lot about Utena. Oh, and I just thought of an interesting claim…it’s vaguely related to Chuck Norris. Maybe next year for 2007, since you’ve done a crossover already this year. No sense in having too many too often.

Erin: Xu, I like the way you think. We have got to do this again.

But right now, we have to get ready for the fangirl attack.

Xuanwu: Already on it.

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