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Not Quite Victoria’s England 104/120

Not Quite Victoria’s England 104/120 published on No Comments on Not Quite Victoria’s England 104/120

Cameo: Oscar, from Rose of Versailles.

In this reality, dying gendarme Pip Bernadette was turned into a regenerator by the Holy League, with its resident ace-in-the-hole Madeline. They later hired the mercenary Wild Cats, led by Seras Victoria.

Madeline: I don’t like this.
Fondamentale: Wow! Lots of Madelines!
Pip: What’s going on, Master?
Madeline: Something catastrophic, I’m sure . . .
Seras: Ah!
This gentleman explained it to me.

Oscar: I’m a woman.

For instance, here we have the results of a more Francocentric history.

Alt!Integra: Waou! Beaucoup de Madeline!

Madeline: Je n’aime past ça.

Pip: Qu’est-ce qui se passe, Maître?

Madeline: Quelque chose de catastrophique, c’est sûr…

Pip: Ah!

Ce monsieur me l’a expliqué.

Oscar: J’suis une femme.

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