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Not Quite Victoria’s England 101/120

Not Quite Victoria’s England 101/120 published on No Comments on Not Quite Victoria’s England 101/120

That first Sir Integra is from a timeline with some other paradox involved. Possibly the I-Jin Wells went for a different character’s ancestor. Or perhaps that timeline’s Integra is supposed to be Caucasian/half-Asian/half-African/something-other-than-half-Indian, and this is the result of her Caucasian/Asian/African/something-other-than-Indian mother’s father’s death.

Alucard: Sir Integra?

Integra: Sir Integra.

Fundamental: “Sir Integra”?

Integra #2: Also, General Integra.

Integra #3: And Countess Integra.

Vladcard: Every timeline that a paradox shreds dumps its residents here.

Fundamental: Wow! Two Akado!

Alucard: I see.

Alucard (thinking): Note to self: avoid the bearded look.

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