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Shine or Die: Deleted Scenes #3

Shine or Die: Deleted Scenes #3 published on No Comments on Shine or Die: Deleted Scenes #3

Shine Or Die: Director’s Cut With Commentary!

Xuanwu: This was an early idea for the opening.

Erin: It was the twist that got the characters of Hellsing and R.O.D together. The story went straight to the Wells plot instead, for the sake of being streamlined.

Joker: Agent Paper, the British Library has a job for you.

Yomiko? What is it, sir?

Joker: Our original edition of Dracula is overdue. We need you to go to the patron’s house and retrieve it.

Yomiko: An overdue book? Understood, Mr. Joker. But…couldn’t this be handled by someone a little more…normal?

Joker: Ah…no. Anyone else would get killed on the way up the front steps.

Yomiko: Oh, it’s like that, isn’t it.

[The main trouble with this is, Integra would have her own copy of Dracula…]

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