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All’s Well That Ends Wells 74/120

All’s Well That Ends Wells 74/120 published on No Comments on All’s Well That Ends Wells 74/120

If you don’t know what Emma and her guest are talking about in the middle panel, go read . . . well, you know.

William: You’re really from Japan? Tell me all about it!

Yomiko: Well…I haven’t been there for a while…

Human!Helena: Did you hear? The “Hampstead Horror” hasn’t struck for four days.

Emma: Oh good. Those poor children!

Integra (thinking): Are we at the scene with the dogs and the cats?

Alucard (telepathy): Yes. I can hear Dracula calling them.

He’s not strong enough to hear me, though. He’s just calling the animals — cats, dogs, rats, moths — and they’re going to him. Only the strays, the wild ones. Tame pets are ignoring it — some dogs, horses…elephants?

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