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Shine Or Die: Deleted Scene #1

Shine Or Die: Deleted Scene #1 published on No Comments on Shine Or Die: Deleted Scene #1

Sexy . . . but horribly OOC . . . but sexy . . . but . . . but . . .

Shine Or Die: Director’s Cut With Commentary!

Erin: This crossover had a lot of deleted scenes; Xu here has far too many ideas, so many just didn’t fit in the pacing.

Xuanwu: This one in particular is also completely unrealistic. But it’s standard anime cliché.

Yomiko: This fits nicely.

Nenene: Has one watch entirely remains done the faact that it is the whole value which is paid?
[Integra’s pawned watch]

Seras: Hey, Miss Yomiko, you’ve got bigger boobs’n I used to have?

Heinkel: That’s it. I am not wearing a dress. I can pass for a boy.

Yomiko: Well, honey, I’m a D cup.

Nenene: She wears heavy clothing, so it’s hard to tell.

Seras: And so firm!

Yomiko: Eek! Don’t poke them!

Seras: Hey, she’s ticklish!

Yep! / Tickle attack!

Integra (thinking): This is very silly.

Nenene: Mmm…

Yomiko: Gotcha!

Integra: Augh!

Is it any wonder this was dropped? (And that I then drew it anyway?)

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