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All’s Well That Ends Wells 72/120

All’s Well That Ends Wells 72/120 published on No Comments on All’s Well That Ends Wells 72/120

Heinkel’s Austrian, so she has a good grasp of its history. Fortunately, Emma and William don’t. (Cut them some slack; it’s 1897. They have no idea how important Austria-Hungary will be in about seventeen years.)

And so, later, at the Jones mansion:

William: …and then Austria-Hungary is Wilhelm’s lap dog…

Heinkel: Hey!

Integra: Don’t get into it, Heinkel.

Heinkel: But they can’t talk about Austria-Hungary like that! It can’t help needing an ally. Its military is so weak and it’s next to Russia. If Germany’s the only country that will back it up, then…

William: Oh, how cute! Look at you, trying to talk about international politics with the adults! Isn’t it just so sweet, Emma?

Integra: On second thought…never mind. Carry on.

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