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10 Questions for Sailor Pluto

10 Questions for Sailor Pluto published on No Comments on 10 Questions for Sailor Pluto

She’s the reclusive, mysterious Guardian of Time (unaffiliated with TIME or AOL Time Warner), who almost

never speaks to those of us with a finite existence. TIME’s Erin Ptah got an exclusive peek into her views on

mortality, the current temporal crisis, and her favorite teas.

Q: Okay, let’s start with the question I’m sure everyone wants to ask. What do you do all day in

that extratemporal void?

Sailor Pluto: Keeping an eye on the timeline. You wouldn’t believe how much one reckless time-traveler can

wreck the nature of the universe.

Q: But what do you do for fun?

SP: I don’t usually have time for that. But I do enjoy quantum physics.

Q: How do you eat? Or breathe, for that matter?

SP: Just repeat to yourself, it’s just a show. You should really just relax.

Q: You’ve made several other appearances in the timeline, correct?

SP: Yes, I have. There are occasions when the only way to fix a crisis is a direct intervention.

Q: Do you eat then?

SP: Hung up on this, aren’t you? Yes. A mortal body needs food. And drink — particularly tea. I’m fond of

green tea.

Q: Speaking of temporal crises…do you think the situation with the I-jin H. G. Wells is going to need direct


SP: I know it won’t. I’ve seen how it turns out.

Q: So, what happens at the end?

A: That depends on how you define “end.” Different people experience the events in different orders.

Q: Isn’t that confusing?

SP: Not if you’re me.

Q: Um…okay. Look, just tell me: does anybody die?

SP: Everybody dies at some point. It’s part of life.

Q: Sounds depressing.

SP: Not really. Everybody is born at some point, too. You can’t dwell on the bad times, especially if you have

access to all the bad times in existence. Unless you’re required to repair them, in which case you need to

focus. Guarding time requires constant vigilance.

Q: So if you’re here giving this interview, who’s guarding the timeline right now?

SP: Me.

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