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War of the Words 33/120

War of the Words 33/120 published on No Comments on War of the Words 33/120

Integra: Give me the book, Agent Paper.

Yomiko: But…but!…

Integra: Cease these vile actions immediately and return the book to its place, or I shall–

Nenene: {Lay off! She can’t help it. She just really loves books.}

Integra: Well, I can see that. Do you have a suggestion, Miss Sumiregawa?

Walter: {She asks your advice.}

Nenene: {Let me talk to her.}

{Yomiko-san, is there anything unusual about the book?}

Yomiko: {There is…but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s not the usual Dracula.}

Nenene: {Give her the book and she’ll explain it to you.}

Yomiko: {Well, why didn’t you say so in the first place?}

All right, Sir Integra — please tell me why this book is special.

Integra: Simple. This is the unaltered version. Stoker’s original compilation, before it was censored for public consumption. Before Dracula’s death was added.

Yomiko: Dracula doesn’t die?

Integra: Obviously not. Now, if we’re quite finished here, we have an I-jin to track.

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