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Liquid Ice

Liquid Ice published on No Comments on Liquid Ice

This only works if you’ve seen the contemporary LiquidIce commercials. (Which, by the way, are really flippin’ annoying.)

Pip: Hey, vampires can drink liquids, right?

Seras: Right…

Pip: Well, try this. I want you to settle something.

So…is it liquid?

Seras: I thought it was ice.

Pip: Yeah, you’re probably right. It’s ice.

Seras: No, wait, you were right at first. It’s liquid.

Pip: You’re right. It’s ice.

Seras: Captain, don’t worry. You’re right. It’s liquid.

Pip: No, you’re right.

Seras: You’re right.

Pip: You’re right.

Walter: Actually, the lab tests that Hellsing had done have conclusively proven that these are in fact part liquid, but in no way ice.

Seras: Oh.

Pip: Er…why was Hellsing running tests on something like this?

Integra: Don’t question me, servant. This is clearly a liquid.

Alucard: With all due respect, Master, this is ice.

Walter: It’s a long story.

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