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Shine or Die 11/120

Shine or Die 11/120 published on No Comments on Shine or Die 11/120

Cameos: Fuu from Magic Knight Rayearth, and Flute from Violinist of Hameln.

Only Yumie ever appeared in Hellsing proper. Yumiko’s presence is limited to Cross Fire, which was was recently declared non-canon.

(Yumiko fans, fear not: she was mentioned in the end-of-book character bios.)

PA: Attention, IHOB Shoppers. Our autograph session with Nenene Sumiregawa has been unfortunately forced to end early.

Walter, Yomiko, cameos: Aww….

PA: Her books, including new bestseller The Golden Study, will be available all day. Also, check out our other great deals.

Heinkel: Yumiko!

That was Hellsing’s butler. We’re trying not to be caught here!

Yumiko: I’m sure they’d recognize Yumie. But as far as Hellsing’s concerned, I may not even exist.

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