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Shine or Die 10/120

Shine or Die 10/120 published on No Comments on Shine or Die 10/120

Cameo: Sailor Kiko, from the SNRPG.

Nenene knows just enough of any given language to sign books for her fans who speak it.

Cameo: This is going to be a birthday present for your wife. She loves your books.

Yomiko (translating): {it will be a birthday present for his wife, who loves your books.}

Nenene: “To…Maxima…happy…birthday! Nenene…Sumiregawa.”

Cameo: Thank you!

[ring ring]

Cameo: I mean, um…”Domo arigato.”

Nenene: You are welcome.

Yomiko: Yes?…Right. On my way. {I’m sorry, Nenene-sensei, but we have to go.}

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