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Shine or Die 3/120

Shine or Die 3/120 published on No Comments on Shine or Die 3/120

Nenene Sumiregawa, age 19. Author of four books, most recently The Golden Study, an instant hit in Great Britain.

Nenene: {Up. Now.}

Debut novel, Kimi wa Boku o Shitteru (British edition title, Your Heart Knows Mine) published at age 13.

Yomiko: {Sensei, please–}

Nenene: {No time for modesty. I’ll get your clothes.}

Occasional kidnap target of crazed fans; currently on a book tour in Great Britain; due at a book signing in…let’s see…

Nenene: {Can you shower quickly?}

Yomiko: {Yes–}

Nenene: {Good. Be out in ten minutes.}

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